Routing Number 055002286, PNC Bank

FedACH Routing

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

All Routing Numbers of PNC Bank

Routing NumberProcess ACH TransferProcess Wire TransferLocationRegistered Name
021200012YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
021200575YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
021201943YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
021202191YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
021202311YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
021202447YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031000053YYPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031001175YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031100089YYPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031100490YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031203999YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031205913YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031207607YYPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031300012YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031300562YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031302447YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031306100YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031307426YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031307604YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031312738YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031313562YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031316967YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
031902766YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
041000124YYPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
041001246YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
041200144YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
041203895YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
041204166YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
041205521YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
041211298YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
041213814YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
041215278YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
042000398YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
042000424YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
042100049YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
042100188YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
042104249YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
042200279YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
042202426YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
042215248YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
043000096YYPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
043000122YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
043002900YYPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
043300738YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
043303832YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
043305131YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
044000011YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
051401331YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
051403517YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
051403630YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
051403915YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
051404118YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052000618YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052100547YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052100725YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052100893YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052100929YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052101106YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052101588YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052102215YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
052102590YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
053100850YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
054000030YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055000262YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055000288YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055000372YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055000657YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055000770YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055001054YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055001122YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055001384YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055001698YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055001766YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055001876YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055002244YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055002286YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
055002558YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
056004720YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
056008852YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
061103360YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
061119639YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
061192630YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
061203257YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
062001209YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
062202082YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
062203298YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
062205665YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
063110791YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
063114386YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
063114548YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
063114632YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
063114784YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
063214312YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
065103625YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
065103887YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
067003671YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
067012057YNRocky Mount, NCPNC Bank
067012882YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
067014194YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
071001630YNCleve, OHPNC Bank
071100049YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
071100324YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
071100706YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
071101174YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
071201647YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
071901882YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
071921833YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
071921891YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
072000915YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
072400353YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
072400421YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
072400670YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
072401006YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
072401585YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
072402199YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
072412176YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
074000065YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
074000515YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
074900194YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
074912577YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
074912988YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
081000702YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
081000728YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
081001727YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
081004517YNSt Charles, MOPNC Bank
081010860YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
083000056YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
083000108YYPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
083000920YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
083009060YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
083902154YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
231371579YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
242070966YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
242071237YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
242071305YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
242071583YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
242072715YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
242170031YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
255072207YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
261170546YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
262285184YNPittsburgh, PAPNC Bank
267084199YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
267087358YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
271070607YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
271070791YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
271971560YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
271971816YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
271973791YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
275071408YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
281073458YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank
281073568YNCleveland, OHPNC Bank

A routing number is a nine digit code, used in the United States to identify the financial institution. Routing numbers are used by Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire funds transfers, and ACH(Automated Clearing House) direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated transfers. The routing number can be found on your check.

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